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[APD] Plants from US to Canada update

Hello, posted a little while ago about getting mail order plants from the US
to Canada and the problems I had with delays and insurance (or the lack of).
Well things turned out better than I thought.  The plants did take 5
workdays to come, so with Jan 1st being a holiday that meant 7 days travel
(Mon shipping, Mon received) due to the weekend.  Due to the excellent
packing and warm weather (why I ordered for that week) 90% of the plants
survived, pale but alive ;).  After talking with the company they explained
why plants can't be insured for cross boarder orders and said that they will
be changing their website to make that more clear (I was freaking out for a
while when I thought the whole shipment was lost).  They did offer to ship
replacement plants at their cost (plant cost and shipping cost) which was
The replacement shipment also took 5 days.  So ordering from the US seems a
viable option but I would make sure that the order is shipped on a Monday
only, and that it's a week of warmish weather coming up.  The plants do tend
to get cold from that last trip from the truck to your door when any
included heatpack has run out but handle the extended darkness, little
water, pretty well.

So I got my big batch of new plants I've never tried before as the local
shops never had them ;)  Finally got some Riccia growing on driftwood (man
does that stuff pearl)!


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