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[APD] Fw: Corrected list but not complete for Planted tanks

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Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 10:30:30 -0800
From: "Gary J. Anderson dba AnCo Associates"
	<ancoassociates at comcast_net>
Subject: [APD] Fw: Corrected list but not complete for Planted tanks
	abbreviations & acronyms
To: <aquatic-plants at actwin_com>

This is a correct list but not complete. please offer more corrections so we can have comprehensive list for reference.
Thank you
Add any others we should know that is not on this list.
Note the ones that are redundant, mean the same thing or just spelled wrong.
Please note the corrections.


I put an asterisk in front of the changes or additions I made. Jerry Smith

*ac=Alternating current
AFAIK=As Far As I Know.
APD= Aquatic Plants Digest.
*AKA= also known as
AKA= American Killfish Association.
A-OK= all okay.
B= Boron
*BGA= blue green algae.
*BBA =black brush algae, Audouinella
bpm= bubble per minute
BTW= by the way.
BTDTBTWW= been there, done that, bought the whole wardrobe.
C= Carbon
*Ca++= double ionized calcium ion.
Ca= Calcium.
CaCO3= calcium carbonate. (baking soda)
CaC12=(calcium chloride)
CHCO3= calcium bicarbonate.
"CLR"= calcium, lime, rust
CO2= carbon dioxide.
*CPVC=Chlorinated Polyvinylchloride, 210F max., see PVC
Cu= copper
dc= direct current.
DI= deionized.
DIN= a European standards organization or Drug Identification Number or Deutsche Industries Norm (German Industry Standard)
The second references medications in North America, the third is similar to the SAE standards???
*dKH= degree's carbonate hardness.(probably German scale)?
DOM= Dissolved organic matter
DOC= dissolved organic compounds or carbon?.
DIN=Dissolved inorganic N?
DIY= do it your self.
*EDTA= Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid
FAQ= Frequently Asked Questions
FeEDDHA= chelated iron
Fe= iron
FYI= for your info
FL= Florida
G= gallon.
g= grams
GFCI= ground fault interrupter.
GH= General Hardness but better as Ca/Mg Hardness.?
gph= gallons per hour
*H2O2= Hydrogen Peroxide or Aqua de oxygenada
*H2SO4= sulfuric acid
H= Hydrogen
HCL= Hydrochloric acid.
*HMF= hydrated magnesium sulfate. Shouldn?t this be HMS?
*HOB=Hang on Back, as in a power filter or overflow
HTH= Hope this helps.
HVAC= Heating ventilation air conditioning.
*IEM= Maybe this is a typo for IME?
*IME=In my experience
IMHO= In my humble opinion.
IMNSHO= in my not so humble opinion.
IMO= In My Opinion
IS= instant start
KNO3= Potassium Nitrate
K+= Potassium ion.
K= Potassium
KCl= Potassium chloride.
KC1/K2SO4= Potassium chloride or potassium sulphate my guess if they are being suggested as interchangeable.
K2SO4/KC1= Potassium Sulphate or potassium chloride.
K2SO4= Potassium sulfate.
KH2PO4= Potassium Phosphate or Potassium biphosphate??
KH=Carbonate Hardness
Krib= thekrib.com
LED= light emitting diode.
lph= liters per hour
mA= milliamps
*meq= milli equivalents.
Mn= Manganese.
Mn2= combining form of manganese.
MH= metal halide.
Mg= Magnesium
*NaCl= sodium chloride. Table salt
NaHCO3= Sodium bicarbonate, bicarbonate of soda = baking soda.
NH4Cl= ammonium chloride.
NH3= Ammonia.
NaH2PO4= Monobasic Sodium Phosphate
NaH2PO4H2O= Monobasic Sodium Phosphate, Monohydrate
Na2HPO4= Dibasic Sodium Phosphate
Na2HPO4H2O= Dibasic Sodium Phosphate Monohydrate
Na= Sodium.
Na+= positive sodium ion.
*NH4/UREA= NH4= ammonium ion, urea hydrolyses to release ammonia.
NH4= combining form of ammonium ion.
NH4+= ionized ammonium ion.
NO2= Nitrite
NO3= Nitrate
*NPK= the macro fertilizers, Nitrogen/phosphorous/potassium - in USA, all packages marked as ferts must specify the percentage of the elements.
N2= Nitrogen gas.
N/P= Nitrogen: phosphorous ratio.
N= Nitrogen
O= elemental or combining form of oxygen, oxide.
O2 =Oxygen as gas.
*OBTW=Oh, by the way
OM= Organic matter.
oz= ounce
P2O5= diphosphorus pentoxide.
P= Phosphorous, elemental or combining form.
PC= power compact lighting.
*pH = 7.0 neutral, 0 to <7.0 is acidic, >7.0 to 14 is alkaline
PCF= power compact fluorescent.
PWM= pulse width modulation.
PMDD= Poor Persons Dosing Drops or (or the REAL meaning from way back...Poor Man's Dupla Drops).
PO4= Phosphate
*PVC= Plastic, specifically polyvinylchloride, 140F max. See CPVC
*RFUG=Reverse Flow Undergravel Filter
RGB= red green blue (white if balanced) one of the ways colors are represented.
RH= relative humidity?
RO= reverse osmosis.
RS= rapid start
Se= Selenium
SFbaaps= San Francisco Bay area Aquatic Plant Society.
SO4= Sulfate combining from.
S= Sulfur
Si-O= Si=silicon, O oxide or silica or silicon oxide???
SW= south west
tsp= teaspoons
TMG= Tropical Master Grow.
UGF= under gravel filter.
V= Volts
*W= watts
X= times or multiply?
YMMV= your mileage may vary.
ZnS04= Zinc sulfate.
Zn= zinc.

Thank again

Gary Anderson
Washington State

Thank you to
Andrew McLeod
David LeDeaux
MJP Pinckard
Michael Eckardt
Scott R.H.
for answers to some of the above abbreviations.
Can any body else try to answer the rest? Or just correct my typos?
Thanks again

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