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Re: [APD] RE: algae indicators -- or - Knowing what it is isn't vsknow what it is

But you're only backing into alleopathy as an explanation
for lack of any other.  It's not as if there's evidence for
it. The empirical data seems to speak as much against
alleopathy in aquaria as for it -- Is it something that
survives large water changes in immeasurably small

Scott H.

--- Jim Seidman <js5 at seidman_net> wrote:
> . . . what difference does it make if the
> plants are sucking up
> N, P, and K like there's no tomorrow, if you keep adding
> enough fertilizer
> so that the water constantly remains eutrophic?
> Not understanding the answer to this question is why I'm
> repeated drawn to
> allelopathy as an explanation for algae control. Since
> allelopathy is an
> unpopular theory on this list, I'd really like to
> understand your
> explanation. :-)

S. Hieber

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