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Re: [APD] RE: algae indicators -- or - Knowing what it is isn'tvsknow what it is

Scott Hieber writes:
"But you're only backing into alleopathy as an explanation for lack of any
other.  It's not as if there's evidence for it. The empirical data seems to
speak as much against alleopathy in aquaria as for it -- Is it something
that survives large water changes in immeasurably small amounts???"

I'm not sure what empirical data you're referring to. Even with 50% weekly
water changes, you'll still always have between one and two weeks' worth of
allelopathic chemical production in your tank.

Certainly allelopathy is the only explanation I've heard so far that makes
sense (to me) as to why healthy plant growth discourages algae. That was
the point of my original message. I simply don't understand how competition
applies when there are no scarce resources that require competition.

I'd really like to hear an explanation of how algae in a eutrophic
environment could be inhibited by other plants consuming nutrients. If
someone could address that specific question, I might well agree that it's
a better explanation than allelopathy.

- Jim Seidman

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