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[APD] RE: algae indicators

Tom Barr wrote, in a question about what causes algae:
"Poor plant growth/health/density. If you have a superior competitor, the
algae will only grow at low levels, you can never comletely remove them,
but you make a tank appear not to have any consistently."

Tom, can you elaborate as to what exactly the "superior competitor" is
competing for? My understanding of competition is based on some sort of
scarce resource. But we're talking here about well-fertilized tanks with
enough nutrients to feed the algae as well as the plants.

In other words, what difference does it make if the plants are sucking up
N, P, and K like there's no tomorrow, if you keep adding enough fertilizer
so that the water constantly remains eutrophic?

Not understanding the answer to this question is why I'm repeated drawn to
allelopathy as an explanation for algae control. Since allelopathy is an
unpopular theory on this list, I'd really like to understand your
explanation. :-)

- Jim Seidman

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