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[APD] RE: less light is most often better for the long term

> I think I'll stick to the speed limit (nice and slow).
> Andrew McLeod
> thefish at theabyssalplain_freeserve.co.uk

Or be willing to pay the price of the ticket.
Less light should be the trend hopefully, 1.5-3w max/gal

Every method is easier if you use less light. 
More % of the nutrients can come from the substrate and the fish waste.
Things grow slower but stuill healthy, prunings stay in balance better,
FAST GROWERS are no longer hard to keep up with.

Case and point, E azuera, damn weed in a CO2/high light tank, easy nice
plant in a non CO2 set up. Same for Gloss et al.

Most folks assume and mistake low light values for their problems that are
really deficencies(CO2/NO3/haven't feed their fish/have too much fish).

Tom Barr 

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