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[APD] Re: Etching

One might be amazed at how cheap plain plate glass is and
how little work is involved in replacing it compared to
scrubbing and polishing, etc.

Scott H.
--- Wright Huntley <whuntley at verizon_net> wrote:
> . . .  [I suspect it would be cheaper to replace the
> glass
> every few years.]

S. Hieber

It is not really the act of replacing it, but the act of making the trip to
the glass shop, having it cut, driving, etc. Like it is no big deal to
change out a CO2 tank, it is getting to the supplier to buy it, etc, that is
the pain.

I polished the etchings off the tank top lid (24" x 6" both sides) in about
5 minutes. There was a final spray down with Windex, but all in all not a
lot of time involved.

Now that I know the Janvil works, I am going to sometime polish the
undersides of the big glass support braces of my Oceanic 240. Maybe drain
the tank down part way, tape a piece of plastic under the supports to catch
any polish droppings, and polish away.

Currently I just use a scrub pab which helps but doesn't eliminate them.


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