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Re: [APD] 20 watt bulbs where min 25 watt go

There is more than a little difference between the tubes being discussed. The 4' 25W T-12 shop lights are not even similar to the 2' 20W T-12 tubes. Scott's suggestion, to find the right ballast, is a very good one.

Different length and diameter tubes have different gas mixes to set their operating parameters to match a given ballast. Mix and match at your own peril.

Tubes come in Rapid Start (RS), Instant start (IS) and regular. Different ballasts are called for. The 24" tubes probably need a physical starter (small aluminum can with 2 terminals), as well as a magnetic ballast. That's the old regular way of doing things. All available at any ACE Hardware.

No one puts any money in 24" T-12s any more, because they are so damned inefficient in a hood. Go to T-8, or (better) T-5, or (best) CF, with a premium-grade reflector, and use less Watts for way more useful lighting. Use the right model of Fulham Workhorse o/e electronic ballast with them.

Many tubes will start (and work) OK as Instant Start with an electronic balla$t. :-) You usually cannot hang two in series, for the starter filaments will not be activated, properly.

Get some good advice from a major lighting distributor or a licensed contractor who knows what he is doing (caution, many don't in the fluorescent business!). Otherwise, heed Scott and buy matching components, or get a good retrofit kit from AH Supply.


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