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Re: [APD] 20 watt bulbs where min 25 watt go

--- "Candy M." <cry_little_sister at hotmail_com> wrote:
> I have been unable to find 25 watt 24" bulbs in the 5000
> to 7500 kelvin 
> range. The closest I have found are the chroma 50 ge
> bulbs 24"-20 watt.

> The shop light itself has one ballast for 2 bulbs. Would
> I be able to run 2 
> bulbs spliced to each  connection of the ballast? ie run
> bulb a and b both 
> to the connections that _should_ hold bulb a. That would
> _in theory_ give 40 
> watts to each side. 

The watts isn't determined by the rating on the bulb, it's
determined by the interaction of the bulb and ballast. The
rating that's given for a fluorescent bulb is based on a
certain kind of ballast. If you change the ballast, then
the rating doesn't necessarily apply.

> It would also give me the full 80
> watts of light with 
> only a single ballast. 

Whether they will light, stay lit, and not burn too cold or
too hot to give acceptable output and longevitiy is hard to
say without trying it. You can try diff combinations and
see what works acceptably. You might try instead to find
some magnetic ballasts designed for 20 watt 24" fluorescent
T12s. They should only costs a few bucks. These often are
rated for 15-18-20 watt fluorescents. You can probably find
them at Home Depot or any supply house that sells lighting
equipment wholesale.

Scott H.

S. Hieber

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