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[APD] Re: Diffuser for MH Pendants

Bill said:
>70 watt MH bulbs exist which would be a bit >cheaper to operate if you need
less light. I
 >don't think you can find them much above about
 >4200K though.

Actually the 4200K wouldn't be that bad. I have two pendants and I had
originally purchased three of the 5000K $45 bulbs so I would have one as a
spare.  They didn't start consistently.  After 11 months when the first one
burned out I found out that the spare $45 bulb was a dud.  I know that the
$45 ones are the "cheap" bulbs and the more expensive ones might be more
reliable, but they cost too much.

I went to Home Depot and bought the 175W street light replacement for $22
each.  I don't like the color (yellow) but they start well and have been
going for a couple of years.  They use the large mogul base.  I wonder if
the 70W bulb uses the same base.  I assume it will work in the 175 W

For now the diffusers give me a bit of leeway, but thanks for the info.  I
will look into the 70 watters when I need to replace a bulb.  I wonder if
there is an adapter to use the small mogul base bulbs in the larger bases.
I could make one out of a burned out large mogul bulb base. (My father did
that once replacing a big vacuum tube with a miniature one.)

Steve Pituch

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