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[APD] Re: Diffuser for MH Pendants

Actually the 4200K wouldn't be that bad. I have two pendants and I had
originally purchased three of the 5000K $45 bulbs so I would have one as a
spare.  They didn't start consistently.  After 11 months when the first one
burned out I found out that the spare $45 bulb was a dud.  I know that the
$45 ones are the "cheap" bulbs and the more expensive ones might be more
reliable, but they cost too much.

Actually IME, the "cheap" bulbs are more reliable. Probably since commercial users need ladders to replace the bulbs, so they get more mad when they die early than we aquarium people do ;-)

I went to Home Depot and bought the 175W street light replacement for $22
each.  I don't like the color (yellow) but they start well and have been
going for a couple of years.  They use the large mogul base.  I wonder if
the 70W bulb uses the same base.  I assume it will work in the 175 W

Unless you have a ballast that says it can run a range of bulbs you'll probably need to replace it for the smaller bulb. I would guestimate about $30-40 or so for one from a commercial supply house, and you could just wire it into your existing enclosure.

For now the diffusers give me a bit of leeway, but thanks for the info.  I
will look into the 70 watters when I need to replace a bulb.  I wonder if
there is an adapter to use the small mogul base bulbs in the larger bases.
I could make one out of a burned out large mogul bulb base. (My father did
that once replacing a big vacuum tube with a miniature one.)

Steve Pituch

I'm not sure what base the 70 watt bulb uses -- it might just be a "regular" (medium) base. There are two other near sizes too -- 100 watt and 35 watt (yes, 35 watt MH bulbs exist, although I've never seen one there are ballasts rated for them). I did look up a 100 watt MH bulb on Grainger's site and it says it uses a medium base so I would guess the other smaller bulbs probably do as well. I know you used to be able to get an adapter that would take a mogul down to a regular base, but I don't know if they are still available. I know I can get ceramic mogul sockets with leads locally for about $8 at the supply house, and the medium bases are cheaper. The leaded kind has pre-attached high temperature leads on it and is easier to work with in halide fixtures.


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