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[APD] Re: Diffuser for MH Pendants

My sunroom has a very low ceiling.  I needed to reduce the light levels for
my MH pendants, but the ceiling height restricted me from raising the
lights.  I found out that aluminum screening cuts about a half f-stop of
light when used as a diffuser and two layers cuts the light about 50%.  So a
175 Watt bulb then becomes as effective as an 88 Watt bulb.  I placed the
screen beneath the Lexan clear covers and between the cover and the round
frame.  The three screws force the clear cover against the frame clamping
the screen in place.
Steve Pituch

70 watt MH bulbs exist which would be a bit cheaper to operate if you need less light. I don't think you can find them much above about 4200K though.


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