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Re: [APD] Soil and the Diana Factor...

> From: "GW " <gregwatson at gregwatson_com>
> Subject: RE: [APD] Soil and the Diana Factor -- or - if it works
> I believe in "guidelines" not "rules" ... thus, to me Poor Man's Dosing
> Drops is a set of fertilizing guidelines

	That is what they were meant to be when we wrote the original
article.  I was very doubtful about publishing a "PMDD" recipe, because I was
afraid that people would use only that part of the whole idea.
Unfortunately, some people did just that.

> - for me, a concept of dosing
> dry ingredients in a cost effective manner to meet the macro and micro
> nutrient uptake requirements of my individual tank, not rigid rules
> based exclusively on a Sears/Conlin "strategy" of limiting one macro
> nutrient.

	That is what I have done from the start.  In more than a few
postings and a lot of e-mails in response to enquiries, I have said
just that.  Not surprisingly, the strategy of the original paper
leads to problems eventually, as the amount of phosphorous becomes
just too small.  This may not occur if one has a heavy fish load and
lots of food going in, but that hasn't been the case with my tanks.
Nevertheless, phosphorous is the nutrient that I'm most concerned
about _overdosing_.

> I dose all three macro nutrients and CSM Plantex in the best tradition
> of Poor Man's Dosing Drops, in ratios that meet the uptake requirements
> of my tank.  

Same here.  I also add some magnesium sulphate.


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