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RE: [APD] Mulm Generators/or mulm's the word

Andrew wrote:

Sorry, forgot to mention that I was interested in starting much larger
tanks than the tank producing the mulm (hence the problem). Specifically,
I have a small 36"x15"x12" that's holds about 80 litres of water (it's
currently sitting dry outside waiting for home redecoration), and then I
would in future like a much larger tank (50-100 gallons). It didn't occur
to me to freeze it, I would have just left it either to dry out or in a
bucket with water.
Also, since I already own a substrate heating coil (having picked it up on
eBay), I plan to use this, but if I put a larger quantity of peat in,
would this help tetras e.t.c. as the water is being circulated past peat?
I'm probably going to use sand/laterite for my first tank because it's
harder to get Flourite in the UK, at least I haven't found any online
stores that seem to stock it (although I did suggest
www.aquatics-online.co.uk to Seachem because I can recommend them as a

Andrew, storing the mulm in a bucket to use for later is probably the most
Mesophilic bacteria can survive in a wide variety of conditions. Sorry to
that Flourite is not readily available in the UK. I face a similar problem
I expat to Thailand in 3 years. I'll be faced with using laterite/sand, too,
will have to change how I manage my tanks. I will be poring over Diana
book to experiment with soil-based tanks at that time as an alternative
Maybe Seachem will export to Thailand some of their products by then. AZOO
are readily available over SE Asia. Shipping Flourite even by surface mail
the States would be extremely costly.

Best wishes and a Happy New Year!


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