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RE: [APD] Soil and the Diana Factor -- or - if it works

The sooner you can start applying experience, the better.
And a little goes a long way, seems to me. We all (well
many of us) have little problems now and then -- an
unexpected algae attack or a new type we aren't familiar
with, a wet/dry sump that ruptures as mine did yesterday
afternoon -- things that drive us a bit nuts for a while
until we get things back under control. With experience,
it's easier to take care of these problems when they occur.

Be careful when mixing methods, diff methods aren't always
quite compatible. For a wild example, Jobs sticks don't
work well with undergravel filters ;-) Diesel fuel works,
but not in all engines.

As for rules versus guidelines, I prefer to call them
heuristics ;-)

Live and learn, and then share with others.

Scott H.
--- GW  <gregwatson at gregwatson_com> wrote:
> >>I think Diana raised the bar for aquarium books when
> she
> >>published _Ecology of the Planted Aquarium_. I'd give
> her a
> >>medal for that alone.
> It was the first book that essentially "brought things
> together for me"
> - i.e. concepts and principles really started to make
> sense.
> I believe in "guidelines" not "rules" ... thus, to me
> Poor Man's Dosing
> Drops is a set of fertilizing guidelines - for me, a
> concept of dosing
> dry ingredients in a cost effective manner to meet the
> macro and micro
> nutrient uptake requirements of my individual tank, not
> rigid rules
> based exclusively on a Sears/Conlin "strategy" of
> limiting one macro
> nutrient.
> I dose all three macro nutrients and CSM Plantex in the
> best tradition
> of Poor Man's Dosing Drops, in ratios that meet the
> uptake requirements
> of my tank.  
> In the best tradition of finding a Poor Man's Dosing
> solution I use the
> best substrate within my budget that meet the needs of my
> tank.
> In the best tradition of finding a Poor Man's
> supplemental fertilizing
> solution, I might use any of the methods recommended by
> many great
> people here that fit within my budget that meet the needs
> of my tank.
> In what to me is the best tradition of PMDD, I follow the
> guidelines
> that there are Poor Man's ways of meeting the micro and
> macro nutrient
> requirements of my tank.
> Based on my life's experience, Walstad's book brought a
> lot of concepts
> into focus, Chuck Gadd's dosing calculator taught me a
> way to
> practically apply knowledge that was significantly
> influenced by
> Sears/Conlin and TheKrib.com, and Tom Barr taught me the
> most important
> concept, to meet the nutrient requirements (aka uptake
> requirements) of
> my 180 gallon planted aquarium.
> While I may not be following a Sears/Conlin "limiting"
> strategy, to me I
> am dosing Poor Man's Dosing Drop's to meet the nutrient
> uptake
> requirements of my plants, in my opinion, in the best
> tradition of PMDD
> ... but then I believe in guidelines that meet the
> nutrient uptake
> requirements of plants, not "rules" ...

S. Hieber

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