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[APD] Parasites in fresh mince meat meant for dogs and cats?Singular cases of diseases?

Hello all,
hope the new year is finding you, your fish and other critters well! :O)

I'm wondering about a fish prognosis.

It's a platy and I noticed today a  bump that has scales lifted on it,
a small patch of white above the bump on the top of the fish
and a single tear in it's tail.

I think it possibly had an accidentally when it decided to investigate the tubing that
was siphoning water out for a water change- it happened once to a female honey gourami
I had (the only fish I've had die for a long time) she survived for a year or so afterwards
but had a small bump on the side from the suction of the tubing. There were a few platies that
investigated the tubing so that's why I didn't notice one had been injured.

So could the white be a bacterial infection from a possible rupturing of organs?

Also once in a while I feed my fish mince meat packaged for cats and dogs,
it has roo meat in it (kangaroo meat- the skippy animal- yeah they sell it in the
supermarket!!!) which my mum thinks could have parasites or worm eggs in it
- what do you guys think? Safe or not?


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