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[APD] soil substrate.

Thank you all for the earnest responses. After a few tank setups disasters I opted to use less soil and have it look cleaner in the mean time. I'm sure other factors are at work here also but the plants seem a bit malnourished to my inexperienced eyes. I try to feed the fish plenty. From what I understand it wouldn't take that many to supply adequate N and P. As long as there's adequate K so it's not the limiting factor. I realize N can be limiting too but i'm ignoring this at the moment. I guess a real question would be, can the smallish amount of soil I used actually be depleted of anything in a year?

I used soil from an old tomato pot. i thought it would be pretty depleted of N and P. And most of the roots can be sifted out. It might not be optimal but there was no algea blooming.

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