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[APD] Re: Pressurized Co2 setup;time for a refill? Should I shut if off now?

Damian wrote:

> I have a Co2 setup on my tank with a Tunze regulator
> fitted to a tank of Co2 that is feed by airline through a
> check valve and then into my diy sealed above aquarium
> trickle filter (a modified beer brewing drum) at about 1
> bubble per second.
> I have had it going since about February I think with one
> of the valves at .5 and the other at 50.
> Just recently I checked it and it has risen up to about 1
> and the other has dropped to just below 40.  
> I 'm wondering if it could be due to the heat (here in
> Australia it's summer) or is it more likely that the Co2
> is running out?

Sounds like your CO2 is running out.  The cylinder-side gauge (the 
one that normally reads 50 on your setup) will generally read between 
48 and 62 bar depending on ambient temp when there is still liquid in 
the cylinder.  Once all the liquid converts to gas, the pressure 
reading on the gauge will begin to drop.  That's how to tell if you 
need a refill or not.

I don't have any personal experience with the Tunze regulator, but 
you might be better off just shutting things down until you can get a 
refill rather than risk a dump.  You could always hook up a yeast 
reactor until you're able to get the cylinder refilled...it wouldn't 
be as good as compressed gas, but it'd still be better than nothing.

In the future, you might also think about buying a 5lb cylinder (or 
bigger) and keeping it around as backup.  I've been thinking about 
doing that myself.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee

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