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[APD] RE: Barr method the "only method" for CO2 enriched,high light tanks?

I beg to differ that your way is the only method available for high light
CO2 enriched tanks. One of the (but not the _only_) AGA contestant
winners is _very successful_ by using his own method. Incredibly high
light (at least 4w/g power compact, usually higher), no N or P dosing, high
K+/Fe/micros dosing, weekly water changes, fertile substrate. His plants
are far and away the best I have ever received. And I have received plants
from MANY people (including you... from which I got dwarf lobelia and hottonia).
I am not saying his way is the better way, but obviously there is something to be
said that there isn't one _best_ way judging by the quality of his tanks and health
of his plants.


Well, I'm not saying it's the only method but for high light CO2 enriched
tanks...........about the time many folks stopped having algae problems.
Also about the time that folks tried themselves. About the the time folks
started winning contenst. About the time folks got sick and tired of
testing and guessing if their test kits were even correct. About the time
folks realized that the methods are reproducible.About the time folks were
looking for a good cheap method rather than RO water for changes, PO4
removers etc and about the time folks with rock hard water realized they
did not have to have soft water to have jamming tanks..

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