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[APD] Re: Vortex HELP! -- or - Don't get hot -- get another

Dave T. wrote:

> I contacted Innerspace (manufacturer) to see if they have suggestions. 
> I'd much rather a suggested tip of something that would fix it then having
> to ship it back and forth again, waiting weeks for it to turn around,
> especially with the holiday season.

I think you got a lemon, Dave.  I totally agree with Scott (as 
usual)...I've run mine for *days* without problems.

Best to return it for replacement.  I know that can be a PITA, but if 
you open the motor, they could possibly claim that you voided the 
warranty and refuse to replace it without charge.  The problem may be 
something not easily repairable anyway.

To satisfy curiosity, one thing you could check just by eyeball is 
the fan connected to the shaft at the top of the motor.  It should 
blow a fair amount of air when the pump is running.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee

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