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[APD] Re: first try planted substrate questions

> From: "Aaron Martin" <massagetherapist at mail_com>

> I am stocking up on Ingredients for my amateur Substrate Recipe
> So far I have:
> 110 oz First Layer Pure Laterite,
> 3 dry quarts Uni-Gro brand Vermiculite,
> 8 dry quarts Scotts brand Sphagnum Peat Moss
> 4 dry quarts Uni-Gro Pumice
> 30 pounds Schultz brand Aquatic Plant Soil
> 15 lbs. CaribSea brand Flora-Max,
> 40 lbs. wet CaribSea brand Eco-Complete Planted Aquarium Substrate,
> 12 lbs. Red Sea brand Flora Base,
> 15.4 lbs. Seachem brand red Flourite,
> 30.8 lbs. Seachem black Onyx Sand.
> 2 lbs small grain (2-3 mm) sand for decrotive use
> ~ About. 152 lbs. total.

Are you nuts?  This won't work at all unless yuo also add cat litter. And
don't forget the all-important Walsted Back Yard Soil. Accept no

No, really, you need to start over. You've done too much research. Limit
your reading to the last month of APD.  More is not better. Just use
Flourite or Flourite and gravel. Did you miss all the posts about "pick
one technique only and don't follow everyone's advice all at once?"

> I want to use Heating Cables for the substrate

Don't bother. Everyone will just laugh at you.

> would it be better to layer them Individually?

Don't bother. In a week or two they will be all mixed together anyway.

> I plan on using Flourish Tabs as fertilizer supplement and I have Kent,
> Tetra and Seachem brand liquid additives.

Don't forget Dupla - it's still available if you look hard. And the local
nursery has all kinds of other stuff you can add.

Sheesh.  Did April come early this year?  If not, this came just in time
to earn Post of the Year honors.

Or is this just Steve Pushak in disquise trying to get a rise out of me?

Or is it Scott H. funnin' me again?

Massage This!


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