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[APD] Using Kent Freshwater Plant Supplement R BGA

I have some Kent Freshwater Plant Supplement with the following analysis:

K20  3%
CU  0.00001%
FE (24% chelated) 0.24%
Manganese 0.01%
Molybdenum 0.009%
Zinc 0.00014%

I have no way of making accurate tests for other nutrients or growth 
factors for BGA but understood from much of the recent traffic that 
increased K levels MAY help reduce BGA problems. The 10 gallon tank is not 
supplemented with CO2 and my Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Dry-Tab kit generally 
gives results of about 30 ppm before a 25% water change and 20 ppm 
afterwards. Fish include 6 Neo. ocellatus (up to +1.25 in) and 3 white 
clouds. Local water is hard with high mineral content.

Would additions of this supplement be likely to help reduce BGA problems 
and if so in what levels?


Phil Bunch

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