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[APD] Re: Big Tweezers for Big Tanks

Dang, 66$ plus shipping?
There's got to be some cheaper, not junky, ones near this size.

Tom Barr

I doubt it. I looked long and far on the web for long tweezers, and these
were the only ones that showed. Besides,  $66 for a high quality tool that
you use frequently does not seem too large a sum to me. But then again, I
like pH controllers also.   :-)

Might be worth checking with medical people. I know some surgeons here that
throw out any forceps, scalpels, or anything else that doesn't work
*perfectly*. Just autoclave the stuff and you might be able to find some
very cheap or even free very good quality equipment this way.

Waveform Technology
UNIX Systems Administrator(snip)No surgeon on Earth would need tweezers that
large. You would _not_ find these in a hospital.Besides aquarium use, these
are laboratory instruments. David Grim, RN (really!)

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