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Re: [APD] Victor regulator

Sounds nice. Be sure to use a wax coated milk carton as a
fermentiation tank.

You could donate it to the AGA museum, if it had a museum

--- Eric Wahlig <ewahlig at earthlink_net> wrote:
> Scott mentions the Victor brand of compressed gas
> regulators. I do have one
> of these. 
> . . .Its rather nostalgic looking: The valves are two
> brass needle
> valves (like you can get at the hardware store for a
> couple bucks) and the
> whole thing is plumbed with copper tubing and compression
> fittings. It was
> rather unwieldy as a straight-in-line set up; about 16"
> long, . . . I think I'll set it up sometime on one of 
> those
> old Metaframe
> tanks as a tribute to an era in the evolution of the
> planted tank.

S. Hieber

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