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[APD] Re: Carbon filtration, DOC & BGA

Conventional wisdom about the use of activated charcoal filtration is that
it is unnecessary or harmful in that it might remove chelated trace metals
from the water.

Should the FAQ entry be amended?

Thank you Thomas for a good answer; I think you are in effect saying that
carbon filtration is usually not as cost effective as water changes, as I

Peat contributes to DOC but does it prevent macrophytes from utilizing
nutrients? Little has been said about peat adsorbing cations like calcium &

What is DOC? That deserves a more informative answer than I can give. I want
to say something about the 6 carbon ring structural building blocks of
plants but I need to go look at my BGA tank filled with fry. :%) I am
recovering & feeling almost normal today.

There are many reasons why a tank may not have enough water exchanged that
do not relate to being lazy. It could be a tank with fry, or with an active
infusorial culture or a daphnia culture. The primary tank caregiver may have
gone on a business trip, vacation, been ill or simply busy. With a planted
aquarium, you needn't change water as often since its been said that the
plants detoxify the water for the fish but Tom's comments have been
extremely enlightening for me.

Is there a causal relationship with feeding frozen bloodworms & BGA?

Steve P

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