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[APD] Re: Clippard valves and such

Dave G. asked what model Clippard valve folks were using.  I'd guess 
most of us have the 4 series.  Mine are MNV-4K.

I would never claim that my Clippard valves are great metering 
valves.  They are servicable and the price is right, which is all I 
was looking for.  Cost was very important to me since I had two 
manifolds to populate (10 valves total).  It would've cost me a 
pantload and a half to go with a more sensitive valve.

They do take a bit of fiddling to get things just right, but once set 
they do fine.  If one does need adjusting, it's because I purposely 
shut it off or bumped it while doing something.  I've not had any 
trouble with thermal drift (or whatever it's called), or tank dumps, 
or anything else.  I also like the fact that they shut off 
completely.  Rumor has it that some of the super swanky valves won't, 
and you'll damage or destroy them if you try.

Everyone's situation is different, so I'm not claiming Clippard is 
the answer for everyone.  But I've gotten my money's worth and then 
some over the last couple years that I've been using them.

Just my two cents for the pot.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee

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