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[APD] Re: Clippards

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At 05:46 PM 12/17/2003, Tom and Chuck? wrote:
> I've used Clippards for close to a decade, more than most folks, I have
> found _any_ issues with them.
  Ditto. No problems what so ever.

OK, I am always open-minded. The Clippards I bought were junk. Which model
is it that you guys think is so good????

The Clippard needle valves I have are the Model MNV-4K2. Go to
www.clippard.com,  click on Online Catalog, click on air fittings under
Current Product Categories, click on Needle Valves, then on the 4 series.
Each of the 4 series needle valves has either a barb or female threaded
outlet or port. The MNV-4K2 needle valves have a 1/8" barbed port.

These are not necessarily the"best" needle valves on the market. They came
with the regulator/solenoid combos I use. But once set they don't change,
and small adjustments in the flow are easy to do. They even come with a
locknut (see the pic) to keep your setting from changing, and they don't
leak. They use o-rings for seals.


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