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Re: [APD] Re: Clippard valves and such -- Closing a rumor aboutclosing

The so-called swanky valves, at least Swagelocks, are not
inteneded as shut-off valves, although they make such
models that can be used as shut-off valves but there is no
neeed for js to get those.  Bottoming out the non-shut-off
types would damage the needle the controls flow, which is
why they are set at the factory so that you can't bottom
them out. If you take an allen (hex) wrench you can change
the adjustment for how closed the needle can get but that
should never be needed for CO2 purposes.

Scott H.
--- Chuck H <grendel at usit_net> wrote:
> . . .  I also like the fact that they shut
> off 
> completely.  Rumor has it that some of the super swanky
> valves won't, 
> and you'll damage or destroy them if you try.

S. Hieber

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