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Re: [APD] Neol. Ocellatus

Hi Phil,

I breed Neol. Ocellatus and do  50% water change once weekly. with no
problems. On all the stages from fry to adults.   Hard to do any wrong with
these little guys.   Love this fish. cute as bug in a rug.

  MOST fish have no problems once they get used to it.. There are some that
will not handle any large changes of water.

 I have about 30 tanks, most are breeding tanks but 3 are display tanks.
One is a 55gal. planted and with an assortment of fish of all kinds, most
small not over 2".  It gets a 50% water change  once weekly also.

 I do everything wrong when it comes to the planted tank, am sure, but the
pants are very forgiving and keep the tank looking like a jungle. Just start
with the lighting, there is only 80watts on that tank, as the tank is only
30inches long the bulbs are 20w.s each and there are 4 on top= 80ws.   see
what i mean for forgiving.   no algae, no problems of any kind..

Just purchased new lights for this tank.  PCs,  two 24inch long 65watts
each, will only increase lighting up to 130watts  at 8,800K each..  will be
interesting to see if the plants are still so forgiving when i try to make
things better for them.


> I can't do large volume water changes in a tank that has BGA problems due
> to sensitivities of the fish component. Twenty-five percent is about the
> max recommended for this species (Neolamprologus ocellatus). Any
> suggestions?
> Phil Bunch

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