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[APD] Re: Dupla vs. Dry? <Tom or George>

From: "Vic Di Cosola" <clutch24 at adelphia_net>
>After digesting Tom's dry dosing (thanks for the
>easy approach Tom) and reading some of George's
>Dupla 24 and tablet breakdown....How many are still
>using Dupla products?  George, are you still using
>Dupla, or have you switched to dry ferts?

We still have some Dupla drops left and just bought enough tablets to
match from Hawaiian Marine (they still have some real Dupla stuff but not
very much [especially now :-)]). We'll be using Dupla in one of our tanks
and switching to Seachem in the other for comparison. We'll more than
likely go with Seachem for both after the Dupla runs out.

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