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[APD] RE: dosing

> > You also can mega dose right before the water change day.
> > You add 2-3x the amount of KNO3 and KH2PO4 24-12 hrs before 
> > you do a water
> > change.
> > The water changes removes the excess and the plants get very well fed.
> What happens if you don't do a water change afterwards? 

Then don't mega dose.

Or, you get the
> measurements wrong and add 5 times too much and don't realise? 

Make sure to get then right before hand. Teaspoons are not complicated
measuring devices. 

If nitrate
> and phosphate don't cause algae is there any harm in overdosing?

To some degree, but everything has it's limits.

> Just another thought: If you overdose, would the phosphate cause a problem
> with the pH controller for C02 injection? Too much feeding = too little

No. Not at reasobale levels.

Look you have only 4 things to keep straight. KNO3, K2SO4, KH2PO4 and
The use of a teaspoon ain't that hard.
If you do something incorrect, do a water change to re set the tank.

The main issue that occurs: someone mistakes KH2PO4 for KNO3.
No one has had a problem from this that I know of, but they typically do a
large water change etc to correct the problem.

Get the fert's then make sure which is which(label them etc).
This is not complicated unless you want to make it that way. 

4 simple things dosed 2-3x a week.    Then
 50% water change per week. Good CO2, light.

Tom Barr 

> Graham

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