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[APD] Re: dosing

Steve wrote:
> What is the conversion for dry to liquid?
> KNO3 to Flourish Nitrogen		
> K2SO4	to Flourish Potassium
> KH2PO4 to Flourish Phosphorus

Firstly, here are the numbers.
1 gram KNO3 and 9.2 mL of Flourish Nitrogen contain 138 mg N
1 gram KH2PO4 and 152 mL of Flourish Phosphorus contain 228 mg P
1 gram K2SO4 and 11.2 mL of Flourish Potassium contain 448 mg K

Secondly, take care in how you interpret this information. The Seachem products do not contain N, P and K in the same form as the chemicals above, so they are not the same, even though they contain they same amount of N, P or K.

Clint Brearley
Melbourne, Australia

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