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[APD] RE: Dosing method

> To follow Tom Barr's dosing method, I have read the two articles he has
posted for SF and DFW and I would like to be clear, because I tend to make
things more 
> complicated then they need to be. :)

Ohhh, one of _those_ types:-)

> Is it safe to say that I should be doing 50% water changes once a week,
at which point adding 15grams of K2SO4, 5grams KNO3, 2 grams plantex CSM? 

Err.. no.
Try 3.5-4 grams of K2SO4 after water change.
Try 3.5 grams of KNO3 2-3x a week
Try making a 2 tablespoon mix of Plantex with 500mls of water, use 15mls
2-3x a week 

>Then is it also safe to assume that I would have to add the same
quantities of everything again during the week 1-2 other times? 


>My water has 1.6ppm PO4 so if I were to dose PO4 it would be during the
week, not after the water change?

It's unlikely you'd need PO4 added, perhaps once, a little at day 5. 

> Lastly, What about MgSO4+7H2O, is it being dosed at all? 

Not unless your GH is less than 3. Typically there's some in this
You can add a tiny amount, perhaps 1/8-1/4 teaspoon of MgSO4 if you want or
look up how much is present in the tap water source. It will not matter too
much generally. Some traces have Mg added also. 

Tom Barr

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