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[APD] help - grundfos pump

I am a long time lurker who has benefited greatly from
this wonderful list.  I am now desparate for help. 
Through a post by Scott Heiber I was able to track down 
a grundfos pump to replace The Quiet One that finally 
gave out.  It is certainly not the same configuration 
and I have just finished adapting it and was ready to plug
it in when I realized there wasn't a cord <:-(  There are
two white wires coming out from it.  How and what do I
connect these to?  I cut the wire from The Quiet One but
inside this there are three wires - black, green and white.
 I have to leave on a business trip early tomarrow and my
tank is now without a pump. I would appreciate any help."

The green wire should be connected to the body of the
motor. This is the ground wire. You can probably a screw
hole or lug where you can attach the green wire.

The white and black wires from the cord can each be
connected to a different one of the white wires coming from
the pump. This is a single phase AC motor and the windings
are indifferent to which end gets connected to live and
which to hot. So connect the black cord wire to one of the
white pump wires, and the white wire from the cord to the
other pump white wire.

This assumes you're using a motor for a UPS-40 or UPS-42
Grundfos pump as the replacement motor. 

Just to be safe, I confirmed this with the manufacturer.

Scott H.

S. Hieber

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