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Re: [APD] Re: Comments on co2 kit - newbie

You're right. Except you don't need a bubble counter. YOu
can just stick the CO2 tubing into the aquarium and see
what the bubble rate is. But to actually know what your CO2
levels are in your aquarium, you'll want to meausre the pH
and KH and use the pH-KH-CO2 table. A bubble counter can be
a handy rough guide guide once you know how your aquarium
behaves -- but it's not something you need to do CO2.

Good luck,
Scott H.

--- wandy <unclemilton at earthlink_net> wrote:
> I guess what I am looking for is 'approval'.  As a
> returning aquarist but
> really a beginner the subject of co2 injection is
> somewhat intimidating.  I
> guess I was hoping for someone to say 'buy this, that and
> the other thing,
> there'.  I am now somewhat overwhelmed with all of the
> choices available to
> me.  I think I have figured out that I need a tank,
> regulator(dual gauge), a
> fine control needle valve, tubing, a method/device for
> bubble counting, a
> method/device for diffusing the co2 into the water.  I
> probably do not need
> a solenoid to begin with. I was hoping I could find it
> all in one nice, neat
> tidy package for $ but not $$$$. My search continues and
> my thanks are
> generous.

S. Hieber

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