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[APD] RE: Cyanophyta/BGA

> Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 18:34:52 -0800
> From: "Steve Pushak" <teban at powersonic_bc.ca>
> Subject: [APD] Cyanobacteria (BGA)
> To: "APD" <aquatic-plants at actwin_com>
> Cc: Paul Krombholz <krombhol at teclink_net>
> Can Tom B or anyone comment upon the causes of Cyanobacteria in terms of
> nutrients? (or other causes)
> Is there a treatment regime for Cyanobacteria involving nutrients? I'm
> of the Erythromycin approach; let's not get into that just yet.
> How many kinds of Cyanobacteria are there? Do they differ in their
> to environmental conditions?
> Thanks,
> Steve P

Cyanobacteria and most very small algae are much better suited to high DOC
and low nutrients. They can also appear in very eutrophic waters and are a
big issue for lakes/ponds. They can cause problems in marine systems as
well, killing corals etc. These systems sometimes get destabilized becuase
there are so much nutrient inputs into the environment that it pushes
normal ecological states/stabilities out of range.

For our tanks, it appears as a result of high DOC with very low NO3. 
 The genus that infest our tanks is Oscillitoria andf it is a filamentous
non heterocyst forming species, therefore it does not fix atmospheric
nitrogen, since heterocycst are require in this genus at least, to fix N2.

I have looked at about 15 smaples from all over the world, every sample had
this same genus.
One sample had some Phorimidium(pretty nasty tank issue).

Adding KNO3 to about 10ppm, doing large water changes weekly prevent it
from ocurring.

To get rid of it, it is very simple and effective method:

Remove all you can FIRST
Then do a 50% water change
Turn off the lights
Turn off the CO2
Cover tank with trash bags/blankets etc
Add 1/4 teaspoon KNO3 per 20 gal of tank

Wait 3 days(Antibiotics take 5 days BTW and cost $, this is free)

Remove bags, the tank should be algae free.
Do water change, add same amount of KNO3 back, continue to dose KNO3
thereafter more frequently if you were adding it before and do large water


There are several main orders in Cyanophyta.

I will defer to this iste:

Tom Barr

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