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[APD] Re: Comments on co2 kit

Since you ask,

I prefer stainless to brass, if I can get it. The brass can become covered with green fuzzies if any dampness gets mixed with the CO2. Could do nasty things to needle valves, etc. [No worry if you are sure it will never get wet.]

Bubble counters (and needle valves), for me, need to be very near the aquarium, to be at all useful. I need it there to see what I'm adjusting, and any excess line between counter, valve and reactor just acts like a pressure tank that can take forever to stabilize after each adjustment. Particularly true if you use that soft silicone line that is CO2 resistant.

I'd also like the check valve(s) to be right near the (each) needle valve, for much the same reason. [Be sure to ask how much pressure is required to open it. Don't need a new "tank-dump" thread, here.]

This system seems to not allow for multiple tanks or independent outlets, which most of us tend to have. I guess some disassembly is called for. :-(

I like the big knob.

Don't much like the price, but I'm notorious as a surplus-using cheapskate. ;-)


Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2003 23:55:58 -0500
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Subject: [APD] Comments on co2 kit
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I just came across this and wonder if anyone has any comments on the pieces.
The solenoid is a little overkill for me but maybe I will use it later on.


Thanks for the input!


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