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Re: [APD] CO2 Needle Valve -- or - Rolling down reasons for solenoids

--- John Thompson <jdt70 at earthlink_net> wrote:
> I need to know were I can buy a quality needle valve that
> will attach to a welding regulator.  

The cClippard is pretty good. You can find ti for a little
as about $15 but more often for abut $18-$20.  The
Swagelock BMG-2 handles nicer, imo, but costs about twice
as much. The Swagelock B-SS2 is even nicer, and allows very
fine control but costs a small fortune is only for those
that don't care what stuff costs.

> The one I bought at
> the hardware store does not have enough fine control. 
> Also, what is a good setting for the out put pressure? 
> Is lower better? 

> Finally, do I need to worry about the
> electric solenoid you guys have been talking about?  If
> so were do I get a cheap one?

If you don't have one, it won't break and you never have to
worry about it. Not that they are espeically prone to
breaking. By not having one you won't hurt your fish or
plants. using one on the timer with you Lights, you cut off
the addition of CO2 during the dark period when the plants
don't really use it. This will save you some CO2 in the
long run so fewer trips tothe refill station.  Otoh, if you
don't have on, your pH will proably only swing 0.2 units
between highest and lowest points, so what's the big deal? 

Some folks like to use them with a pH controller so that
they don't have measure things to see what their CO2 level
is -- and it will keep your pH very stable -- of course,
0.2 units without a controller isn't exactly unstable and
hardly a variance worth worrying about. 

I think of them as being like power windows in your car --
sure they make life a little bit easier, but certianly not
something you have to have. It won't optimize plant or fish
growth to have one or anything like that.

If you have the option to buy one or not, spend the money
instead on plants or those couple of more bags of Flourite
you didn't get because costs were mounting ;-) .

Scott H.

S. Hieber

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