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[APD] Re: So, to equal Tom's dosage

>So, to equal Tom's dosage, you need to add about:

>	11ml Flourish N
>	29ml Flourish P
>	32ml Flourish K

>Now, don't forget that a nominal tank volume (20gal in this case) is 
>rarely if ever the actual volume of water held in the tank, and the 
>example I laid out is just intended as an illustration.  I've found 
>20gal tanks generally hold only 16-17gal once everything is said and 
>done.  YMMV.  Anyway, Tom's recs are going to actually add more ppm 
>of stuff to a tank than what I've shown, so adjust according to your 
>own situation.  At the same time, don't drive yourself crazy trying 
>to dial stuff in to the "T".  Close enough is good enough.

>Hope it helps.
>Chuck Huffine
>Knoxville, Tennessee

So if I'm understanding you correctly.  The 100 ml bottles will be gone in roughly 3 weeks.

Thank you


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