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Re: [APD] Re:Re: CO2 reactor questions -- or - Some Disassembly

Just to be clear, Milwaukee did not say that their
regulator-solenoid-vlave-bubblecounter is made in Belgium,
only that they buy it from there. They didn't know where it
was actually manufactured.

I ain't knockin' anybody's regulator, just tryin' to follow
threw on some of the statements.

Scott H.
--- Robert H <robertph3 at comcast_net> wrote:
> >>Those of us who believe that vendors should obey the
> law like their
> competitors do.<<
> So you are somehow implying that Milwaukee or JBJ is
> breaking the law? JBJ
> says their solenoid comes from Germany, and Milwaukee
> apparently says it
> comes from Brussels. Your american made computer has a
> motherboard from
> Taiwan, a proccessor made in either Mexico or Malaysia,
> memory from
> Japan...and so on and so on. When a manufacturer like JBJ
> says their
> solenoid is german made, I tend to take their word for it
> and not pick it
> apart to the point it may sold by a German company who
> contracted it to be
> made in China or some such thing.

S. Hieber

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