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[APD] Re: Optimum nutrient levels

Thanks for taking the time to convert from dry to liquid.

But now I have a question because this sounds like a lot of P to be added in 
a weeks time.

>>>So, to equal Tom's dosage, you need to add about:

11ml Flourish N
29ml Flourish P
32ml Flourish K<<<

I have a 120g tank and I buy P in 500 ml bottles. Lets say I have 100g of 
water in my tank and the recommendation is to add 29 ml of P for every 20g of 
water 3 times a week. That would be 435ml every week, is this right?

I am not questioning anyone here because I really respect everyone's opinion 
I just want to make sure I have this right. If I do I can see it's time to 
change to powder instead of liquid. That would be $8 a week just for P.

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