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[APD] Re:CO2 Reactor Questions

Yeah, now that you mention it, tapping a 10-32 hole in PVC does seem like
its probably not gonna work. Probably just epoxy it.

It *will* work in Acrylic though, so if you use 1/8" wall acrylic tubing you'll be able to do it. You have to go back and forth a lot and in very small amounts (1/4 turn in, 1/4 turn out, then 1/2 turn in, 1/4 turn out, etc...) and you'll still not get really clean threads with the finer pitch taps. 10/24 would be better if you had a choice and were just using a screw instead of a gas fitting. With PVC being softer than Acrylic you'd probably just "mush" the threads in and not cut them properly, but even like that if you used some sealant you'd probably be able to make it work.


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