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[APD] RE: Cyanophyta

From: Phil Bunch <pbunch at cox_net>
Subject: RE: [APD] RE: Cyanophyta/BGA (Thomas Barr)

> What nitrate levels are conducive to BGA growth. I'm pretty sure this 
> varies with other parameters but perhaps there is a relatively 
> straightforward answer.
> Phil Bunch

Not enough.

For the plants that is......

So less than 1-2ppm for more than a couple of days in high light/CO2 tanks
that are in good shape as far PO4, CO2, light, Traces.
If your NO3 bottoms out for more than a couple to 4 days, things will shut
down plant wise and then algae will come in.

You can get away with longer peroids of time if you have less light.

Now there's a good reason to have less light, less lagae potential and less
plant _growth_, but still getting good plant _health_.
There's a big difference between health and growth.
Tom Barr

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