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Re: [APD] Re: Glowfish Banned

> I agree that we are overtaxed, over regulated, and
> over protected.  I also believe that we as
> individuals have many rights, some from God, some
> from our wonderful Constitution.
> But we also have obligations.  Libertarians tend to
> avoid the "O" word as being an infringement on their
> rights.  It might be, but it is a necessary one.

I believe in personal responsibility. We need not be
protected against our will.

> I live in the middle of a megalopolises with about
> 50 million people within an hour's drive.  Some of
> these are sociopaths.
> I keep guns in my home, but I want police
> protection.  I need the CIA and the FBI as well as
> other kinds of cops.

Yes but if the organizations get too large they become
corrupt. Hopefully their interests align with our own
out of coincidence. Overthowing the leaders of foreign
countries of slaughtering innocents is wrong but if it
protects us in the large view, it may be acceptable.

> I don't want perverts accosting me or my family.  I
> don't want drunks or druggies disrupting my life.  I
> want drugs and booze regulated and, if possible, the
> addicts rehabbed.

I think drugs should be legalized though. There are
many benefits. Marketing organizations and other
creative institutions use lots of hallucinogens. Being
a prior dabbler myself in the subject at an earlier
age I can tell you that many computer graphics
displays are highly inspired.

> I think a well educated citizenry is necessary for
> my freedom, so I support schools, public where
> necessary, and laws that require their attendance.

I'm all for education although I think our current
system is highly HIGHLY corrupt with school
administrators sucking up much of the budget for it.
At a community college nearby to my house I took a
class or two there once and there was a really
interesting situation. This school had build a
multimillion dollar new computer center and you had to
punch your social security number into a computer to
grab a seat. After 20 mins you would have to login
again or leave. They did this to fake scarcity. The
place was almost empty but they wanted to give the
impression it was a scarce resource so that they could
suck more money from the state. This school is El
Camino College in Torrance, CA. Last year they were on
the ballot for added funding. I strongly voted against
them and made it known what was going on to everyone I
knew to vote the same.

> I don't want the local chemical plant to discharge
> poisons into the air and water. Bring on the EPA.
> I don't want my neighbor to be able to perform
> experiments on his dog or cat.

How do you think all breeds of dogs are created? I
certainly want to be able to do experiments in my own

> I applaud corporations for creating wealth, and I'm
> happy that there are unions to help to insure that
> it is distributed appropriately.

Unions gave us our benefits to begin with. We would
all be forced to work saturdays and sundays if the
corporations of the world had their way.

> I recognize that my wants require that I give up
> some of my "rights", and that I will have to pay
> various kinds of taxes to pay for these services.  I
> do this, not with any great joy, but because I see
> no alternative.

Just remember though, give them an inch and they take
a mile. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and the
more they get the greater the taste they get for it.

> And I think most people agree with me.

BTW I think we should take this off-list. Its kinda offtopic.
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