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Re: [APD] Re: Glowfish Banned

Billinet at aol_com at Billinet at aol_com wrote:

> I also believe that we as individuals have many rights, some from God, some
> from our wonderful Constitution.

Actually, the U.S. Constitution does not "grant" any rights whatsoever. The
Bill of Rights does, but this document was submitted as a bill after the
Constitution was ratified. The first ten amendments do not grant rights, but
simply confirm the fundamental rights of all persons.

> I don't want drunks or druggies disrupting my life.

What about sober people? ;-)

> I recognize that my wants require that I give up some of my "rights", and that
> I will have to pay various kinds of taxes to pay for these services.  I do
> this, not with any great joy, but because I see no alternative.

In essence, no person can "give up" their rights, even through voluntary
contract. If a contract, regulation, law, or tax infringes your rights, then
it's fundamentally unconstitutional.

Besides, the issue is never one of whether or not an individual chooses to
give up their rights, but whether or not they try to deny the rights of
other individuals.

Otherwise, nice post.


Dan Dixon

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