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Re: [APD] Re: Glowfish Banned-now way OT

> I believe in personal responsibility. We need not be
> protected against our will.

OK, but how should we be protected against the will of other people,
especially when their will is to cause great harm to an innocent person?

> Yes but if the organizations get too large they become
> corrupt. Hopefully their interests align with our own
> out of coincidence. Overthowing the leaders of foreign
> countries of slaughtering innocents is wrong but if it
> protects us in the large view, it may be acceptable.

Agreed, but that doesn't mean they aren't a necessary evil.  Have you ever
spent time in an area with little or ineffective law enforcement?  I spent a
great deal of time in Bosnia, and it makes me appreciate the safety I've got
far more than I ever thought I would.

> I think drugs should be legalized though. There are
> many benefits. Marketing organizations and other
> creative institutions use lots of hallucinogens. Being
> a prior dabbler myself in the subject at an earlier
> age I can tell you that many computer graphics
> displays are highly inspired.

You're ignoring his argument.  Maybe drugs should be legalized (something we
agree on, at least to a point), however, they do take over people's lives,
and I don't want to have to worry about someone robbing me to buy smack.

> How do you think all breeds of dogs are created? I
> certainly want to be able to do experiments in my own
> home.

Most species of dogs and cats weren't created with the technology available
now.  Should new, potentially dangerous techniques be practiced unchecked?

> Just remember though, give them an inch and they take
> a mile. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and the
> more they get the greater the taste they get for it.

So what?  How does this invalidate the entire concept of existing within a
greater society?  Thus, the system of checks and balances was created, and,
while there are a number of problems, I'll take it over the anarchic, highly
libertarian notion of winner-take-all.

Justin Collins

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