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Re: [APD] Re: glowfish banned

>I would be very surprised to see *any* fish survive a trip through the 
>sewer system. Even if the fish could survive the very, very hostile 
>environment in the piping (black water in sewer lines is _not_ good for 
>anything besides some strains of bacteria), the treatment plant at the end 
>would finish it off. In order for a fish to be released into a wild 
>population it would need to be placed in a stream, lake, pond, or other 
>natural waterway, which unfortunately does happen occasionally.

Not all sewers lead to treatment plants, at least in Britain (although the practice is decreasing). Some drains lead directly into the sea, and to be honest I don't know what a storm drain is but I'm sure someone mentioned them in an earlier post?

>Seems to me that the glowing part of the fish would make it easy for 
>predators to spot and thus would keep their populations down should they be 

Maybe we should make all GM organisms glow? That would be a suicide gene.

>BTW, movies are a notoriously bad source of scientific knowledge.

Agreed, the Michael Crichton books though are much better.

I should learn to keep my big mouth shut. I get so carried away by nothing...
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