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[APD] FW vs SW and a few things in between

I really am trying to see the view point of folks that do not like the SW plant thing added to this list. Nothing about it in the rules. Ya all have rock tanks in the AGA contest. Ever prune a rock?

Is there a FW bias or something? Scared of SW? Yep, I think that might be it right there, just like folks that were once scared of CO2/PO4/NO3/Fe.

Why not try other things? I've bred AF rift cichlids for many years, then odd ball fishes, Catfishes and always loaches. Then Killis, Tetras, natives, anything I could abscond with from the area and add, driftwood, rocks, Hilter's brain....

The other end of it can bring many folks to the FW planted side from the _immensely popular reef list_ in the USA. Not drawing from this pool would be a great diservice and close a door that really should be held wide open always IMO.

Folks here tend to go for the reef first here in the USA, so this might be a way of thinking about plants. Many think planted tanks are easier. 

But most agree that reef tanks and planted tanks are the two paradigms for many's idealized aquarium.

I think getting converts both ways is a good idea.The pool of Reef folks is very large and they are willing to spend $$$ and work at their tanks well. Many a failed reefer has crossed paths with me and had good success. These folks are good at FW planted tanks, most want one and I think we need them and not look at them as separate, isolated hobbyist.   

I am trying to build interest in all thinmgs plant and this will bring more SW folks into the FW planted world. And perhaps a few FW plant folks that have always wanted a Marine planted tank. But few will give up their FW tanks for all Marine plants.

But there are FW sponges, bryozoans(some about basketball size here in the lakes) etc so you can go either direction, FW or SW.

There are more red plants in SW, so George Booth will like this and perhaps will go with a marine planted tank also:)

Think outside the box, get out there and see what is around you. Stop watching the discovery channel and _do_ the discovery channel. Come on down to see both FW and SW ecosystems this summer.10-12 folks max(If I like ya, I might allow more). Coral reef, Islands, beaches, Mangrove sponge macro algae colonies, clear springs, expansive swamps and wetlands and lots of plants. 

Naw, that couldn't be fun:) Did not get enough at the AGA? Well you can yap all you want driving to each location. It's a Weed Quest, land, river/lake and sea. 


Tom Barr

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