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[APD] RE: how much light? /Tank volume

>My actual water column in about 206 gallons, as opposed to the 270 I thought 
I had. I'll use this figure if I need to dose meds or liquid fertilizer. I 
don't know how much actual water is in the substrate, but not much. I'd think 
it's role for dosing or meds as a part of total volume would be rather 
insignificant given the slow rate of turnover it is likely to have (just a guess).

Hope this helps.

If you take the outside dimensions for a given tank and run them through the height*width*depth/231 formula, 
you get pretty close to the advertised gallons of the tank.

I know I read some where, that when you are dosing meds to a given tank you subtract the displacement
of the non living things from the water column. This number is somewhere in between a 1/4 and 1/3  of the tank size.


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