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[APD] Marine planted mailing list

Steve Wrote:

Would the powers that be at actwin.com please create a
"Marine Plants Digest" mailing list?  (Google implies that
one doesn't exist.)

I've been wanting to keep a marine plant tank for years.
But there's a real lack of "know-how" and resources (including
plants!)  It'd be really nice to have a ML where folks can ask
(even stupid) questions about keeping marine plants without
feeling guilty about adding noise to APD.

- - -

A whle back Tom, myself and about 4 or 5 other ppl talked for a month or so on this topic.. i still have a good collection of emails of ppl interested in the topic (originally)..
this would be a good start if everyone wanted to move in this direction
of course there is always the ReefCentral Macro Algae forum.. where Tom spends the other half of his day.. and there are many many interested ppl there already discussing this topic

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